1FreeChat has moved

It's about time 1FreeChat was updated, however, this update is a huge update from top to bottom. Brand new system, lots more features, much faster, a sort of combination of both Facebook and Twitter rolled into one. 1FreeChat is now redirected to this page which is the new homepage of 1FreeChat, however, the actual homepage of this new website is https://chatooga.com which will be indexed in all major search engines soon.

With this being a completely new system, none of the accounts from 1FreeChat have been migrated over, so you will need to start again, adding your content. It is a complete fresh start for everyone. The same admins from 1FreeChat will be modded up on Chatooga. The system is a follow system, you follow the people you want to see updates from.

Some of the features that are available now and will be added shortly are:

  • Updates (Wall)
  • Private one to one chat with anyone you follow
  • Invite people you follow into a group chat
  • Video / Audio conference chat *
  • Groups
  • Pages
  • Marketplace
  • Games *
  • Events
  • Albums
  • More features available now and more to come soon!

(* = features being worked on as of writing this page)

You can read more about Chatooga and the general concept here.

If you haven't already registered with Chatooga, visit this page here to create your account. Don't forget to check your email for an activation link, if its not in your main email folder, check spam or junk folders.

The best way to start is to register and explore the site features, invite you family and friends and help create something amazing :)