Borderline PD Makes It Difficult to Make and Keep Friends

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It can be challenging to make and keep friends if you live with any mental illness. If you have borderline personality disorder (BPD), your unpredictable behaviors, tumultuous emotions, and fear of abandonment can drive others away. However, managing your BPD symptoms can help you to stabi

The challenges of making friends with BPD.

Everyone can struggle with making friends from time to time. However, i have always found it difficult .I felt paralyzed by shyness and anxiety as a child worried about saying the wrong thing. As I got older, these fears lessened but remained inside me.

Even as an adult, I fear that new people will find me boring or not want to interact with me.

This anxious and avoidant behavior always prevents me from making new friends, for example.

I may plan to go to a group meetup and back out at the last moment.

It makes me feel more secure to stay at home and not strp outside of my confort zone then possibly face rejection.

I also struggle with intensity sometimes. I get fixated on small things, such as making new friends. For example, mind may become obsessive or overly excited about small interactions. I have to focus on calming myself down and not putting much weight on a new relationship.

In the next blog, I will discuss the techniques I use to make new friends 

Say tuned.