Just some stuffs about me :]]]

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ehem... testing.. is this thing on??

     helloooooo! my name is Oaliathe, but all of my friends call me Olive, Olllie, or Bby- i dont rlly get that last one but whtver ; ;

     my height: 5''6 (im not that short ;[)

my age: idk if the site thing got it right bcuz it was glitching hella hard, but im 16 ^^

     hair: i have shorter hair, because my brother got gum in it, so my hair is quite short, it barely reaches the botom of my neck, im naturally blonde, but i dyed my hair black (#eDgYyYy)

personality???: well, idrk what to put right here, but, over text im really welcoming, i can be funny sometimes, all around good vibes, i like anime, and rock music,

     although irl, im a little more layed back, so, :-}

favourites: dango, tanghulu, moch, ramen, and c a n d y 

               ig thats all, have a nice day :DDD